Dine-Art specialises in the conception, design and marketing of European contemporary and traditional styled dining room and bedroom furniture. All our furniture is made in Canada. Dine-Art products have been designed and built according to our customers concerns about quality and durability. All our furniture is assembled and finished by hand involving many steps. The result is a beautiful and unique piece. We use only the finest hardwoods and the highest quality finishing products in the market assuring long lasting beauty, in a constant effort to ensure our consumers the best product.

The people along with the company have earned itself the reputation of being a reliable supplier of high-end quality furniture backed by an exceptional service. Being a family owned business ensures every item is built as if it where going in our own home.


Dine-Art maintains a program to reduce the impact on the environment of our products and operations. We have also been evaluated and audited by the local environment authorities to verify the impact of our operations... In which we have surpassed all the requirements.

  • Finishing chemicals and material are recycled and sent to a waste management company
  • Packaging materials such as carton are sent to a recycling company
  • Our finishing equipment consists of the latest technology (airless) in which lower emissions occur

Best of all we build a product that last. Dine-Art has always had a reputation for exceptionally durable furniture, which goes back to the strength of our construction methods, and the durability of our raw materials, our unique finishing materials, and durability-tested fabrics. This kind of durability can't help but be good for our environment.


We only used the highest quality finishing products. Our finishes are 4 or 5 step finishes in which we use NGR (toners) as well as wiping stains and shadings in order to obtain a uniform finish. Our furniture is applied with sealer twice in order to prevent moisture penetration. Our lacquers are post catalysed, stain resistant and easy to care for improved durability and scratch resistance.